Known “Psychopaths” (Psychopaths), antisocial symptoms

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Known “Psychopaths” (Psychopaths), antisocial symptoms that Many “serial killers” could be.

person with psychopath will lack empathy for others lack of remorse The feeling of numbness is fearless. lack of restraint Until it may cause continuous crimes. Report from ufabet

In many cases in Thai society and in the world, there are serial killers who commit brutal and brutal murders. Without which we cannot understand his motive for what he did. Department of Mental Health , Ministry of Public Health. Provides information on the characteristics of people with ” Psychopaths ” (Psychopaths) , which may be one of the symptoms that can occur with a murderer who cannot clearly identify the motive for committing a crime as follows:

“ Psychopaths ” (Psychopaths)

Department of Mental Health, Ministry of Public Health informs. That Psychopath is one of the groups of antisocial personality disorder characterize by a lack of empathy for others. Lack of remorse The feeling of numbness is fearless. lack of restraint put yourself in the center

Cause of psychopath

  • Physically,  there is a brain abnormality. especially the forebrain and the amygdala of the brain
  • brain chemical abnormalities May cause by accidents in the brain and genetics, including abnormalities of the hormones Estosterone, Serotonin and Cortisol.
  • Psychologically and socially,  abuse in childhood Raised with neglect
  • family crime family rift cruel social conditions around


A person with psychopath will experience symptoms that can observe as follows:

  • express feelings and a hardened heart unsympathetic 
  • have behaviors that respond to their own needs without regard for others in society 
  • Emotional and thought disorders, especially when socializing
  • They often commit repeated acts of violence and are at risk of committing crimes.

Psychopath treatment

Psychopath is one of the most difficult conditions to treat. and often has a poor prognosis. Often does not cooperate with treatment Psychotherapy therefore has relatively few benefits.

However, it can be treated by

  1. Treatment with psychiatric medications
  2. Adjust behavior by focusing on developing activities that are of good interest. and rewards for good behavior
  3. It should not be punished because it cannot change the behavior. due to emotional numbness

If a person is found to have psychopathic symptoms, they should be referred to see a doctor. to check the symptoms to be sure And get the right treatment as soon as possible