Tips for choosing women shirts wear to work that both look good

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Tips for choosing women shirts wear work that both look good and are not outdated.

As a working woman , shirts and blazers are important investments. Shirts are an essential piece of clothing for working women. Because it is flexible Can be paired with anything. It also has a formal look. What are the criteria for choosing the right shirt? Here are some tips for choosing women’s shirts. that both looks good and is not outdated. Report from ทางเข้า ufabet

Tips for choosing women’s shirts

1. Choose the right size.

A well-fitting shirt is most important. This is because you will be moving throughout the day. Therefore, they need freedom of movement and comfort. So what are the criteria and what will tell the right size of a women’s shirt? When trying on shirts in the store Notice the buttons. When buttoned The edge of the button must be secure and the opening cannot be seen. The shirt should follow the curves of your body at the waist and back. If you find it difficult to bend your arms or hug yourself This means your shirt is too tight. So please make sure your shirt fits properly.

2. The length of the shirt is important.

Formal shirts should cover your stomach and back when you raise your arms or sit up. The same is true for the position of the shirt when wearing a skirt or pants. If the line of your pants or skirt slips too often It means your shirt is too short.

3. Choose the most comfortable material.

Wearing a shirt all day It is necessary to choose materials that are breathable and cool. Cotton is definitely the first choice. 100% cotton is comfortable against the skin, strong, comfortable, and easy to care for. Cotton is comfortable But sometimes their nature causes them to scratch easily. While you need to look good at work, Rayon or Tencel fabric can be a comfortable, cool, lightweight, and wrinkle-free material alternative.

4.If you buy a long sleeve shirt

Make sure the cuffs can be easily rolled up when needed. The length of the arm should cover the wrist freely when the arm is bent or extended. Sleeves that are too short or too long will look out of place with your overall look. Don’t forget the neck area. Your collar will frame your face. When we meet face to face and talk The neck will be the first thing your outfit will show. A good collar is never too tight around the neck.