Zampaoli bids farewell to Marseille due to lack of ambitions

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Jorge Zampaoli has resigned as Olympique Marseille coach. Because he views the OM football team as lacking in ambition.

Marseille president Pablo Longoria has confirmed that. Jorge Sampaoli has decided to step down as head coach on Friday. After the 62-year-old Argentine coach sees the club lack ambition Without claiming any compensation. According to a report from ‘AP Sports’ 

Sampaoli took over as Marseille manager in February 2021, having signed a contract until the summer of 2023. The Argentinian coach led OM to qualifying for the Champions League season. But the 62-year-old made a surprise appearance by resigning on Friday. UFABET without giving any reason and not receiving compensation 

‘He abandoned (severance pay) in his three contracts, he arrived and left as a gentleman,’ said Longoria. Teams need to build a project around a coach.’

Longoria also revealed more about the recruitment of a new OM coach that he already has options in mind and hopes to appoint a new manager this weekend as he prepares for mid-season training. Reseason from Monday 

According to reports, the reason for Sampaoli’s decision to resign is due to Longoria’s lack of ambition to invest in the army as it should this summer. The Argentine coach posted a message on Instagram that ‘My timing and goals are not the same as the management. There are no signs of struggling for things. The main thing is to seek excellence and want the best for Marseille.’

But Longoria immediately denied that. ‘Everyone has the same ambitions. It was a time for different victories. The football market is like a Christmas present. Everyone was waiting for a present for them. I don’t think it’s a lack of ambition.’