Common skin problem that causes the skin to look uneven.

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Uneven skin tone is a common skin problem that causes the skin to look uneven and have different colors in different parts. This problem is usually caus by hyperpigmentation, redness from acne, freckles, dark spots, and dark skin that Uneven from abnormally high skin pigmentation (Hyperpigmentation), especially from exposure to sunlight that damages skin pigment.

These environmental factors stimulate the production of melanin, a reddish-brown to black pigment. These pigments absorb ultraviolet rays or UV rays. Makes the skin look dark and the skin color uneven because the areas of the skin that are expos to sunlight are different. Areas that often experience uneven skin color include areas. With covering materials and those without covering materials, such as clothing, masks, hats. And areas Common areas that are not covered by uneven skin tone include the face, arms, back, and legs.

Because skin color is something that can clearly see the difference. Especially if the skin color in each area has an uneven skin tone. Even more so, anyone who is experiencing this problem must definitely lose their confidence in order to avoid the problem of uneven skin color. Let’s look at the causes of uneven skin. What can it be caus by? Ready ยูฟ่าเบท will whisper secrets to solving the problem of uneven skin tone for everyone to know!

Uneven skin color from sunlight: Sunlight is the main culprit that causes the formation of the dark pigment melanin. And the intensity of the sun will burn our skin red. Until finally it was color. Dark skin eventually gets sunburn because in sunlight there is a high concentration of ultraviolet rays. There are both UVA and UVB rays that can penetrate glass and harm our skin. Even if it’s inside the building.

Uneven facial skin due to acne and acne scars: Acne problems cause skin inflammation, causing the face to become red and inflamed, making the skin tone look uneven. In addition, after the acne subsides, it also leaves acne scars and the skin in that area becomes darker. Acne and acne scars cause our skin to have uneven and uneven skin.

Uneven skin color from hormonal changes: Hormonal changes in the body cause skin cells to malfunction, with estrogen and progesterone stimulating the body to produce more melanin, causing blemishes to appear more prominently. Women often experience this problem more than men because hormones change easily, especially during pregnancy or using birth control pills that affect hormone levels in the body. 

In addition, problems with certain types of spots on the skin, such as freckles, are often caus by genetics, causing some people to have freckles since childhood, or Europeans may have freckles easily, etc.

Uneven skin tone from increasing age: As we age, there is a greater chance of uneven skin tone than at any other age for various reasons. One of them is the deterioration of the body’s various systems. Makes it when the skin is expos to the sun. Then symptoms of sunburn occurred. The skin will recover more slowly. Because skin cell regeneration and the process of creating new skin cells has deteriorated.

Other skin problems: Some skin diseases can cause uneven skin tone, such as rosacea and atopic dermatitis, which cause the skin to become red and uneven. There are also problems with light skin. Such as the rash of eczema (Pityriasis Alba) that also makes the skin look uneven.

Ways to fix uneven skin tone 

  • Apply sunscreen to prevent uneven skin tone. 
  • Choose skin care products that help reduce the stimulation of melanin pigmentation. 
  • Scrub your skin to make it smooth and even. 
  • Laser to even out skin tone
  • Apply moisturizing lotion.