Choose way to look good! men’s hairstyle ideas for 2024.

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The undercut hairstyle, whether it’s a high undercut or a medium undercut or a low undercut, is a standard men’s hairstyle that every many man is familiar with and has definitely had. The undercut hairstyle has always been a trend for men’s hair. The high undercut is a popular style that is not only easy to care for and suitable for many types of weather, but also has a trick How to set make it look good, neat but not out of style.

The differences between each type of secondary hairstyle It depends on the nature of the hairline creation. The tall ones are made so that the base is quite high or at a level above the temples. As for the medium hairstyle, it is style so that the base is at ear level. And the low hair style is done so that the base is quite low or lower than the ear lobes. However, the selection of each type of secondary haircut depends on the career field, suitability, ทางเข้า ufabet, and should take into account the shape of our head as well. To make your hair look good and accepts the most faces.

Slicked Back or a vintage style back that looks neat

For this style It is also a popular hairstyle. Because you can upgrade your look to look stylish and dignified. Especially people who like to dress in vintage style. Don’t miss this style! But this style is suitable for people who have a pretty back head shape, if their head is flat or their face is square. Might have to go through this style first.

  • How to set: Use a hair dryer. Blow your bangs up, apply hair gel or spray, and set the top of your hair so it’s puffy, like a lady hitting her midriff. Use a comb to help set. Let me stay in shape all day.

Tall, cool style

The high bun is a cool hairstyle that is very light and comfortable on the head. top length You can choose according to your liking. That it will be cut into a tall shape for the edge or you can cut it short and add coolness with curve lines to make it stand out. For those who have long hair at the top and have bangs, you can set your bangs to be straight, curved, or center-parted as you like.

  • How to set : release nature Or set your bangs in the style you like.

Undercut style support Can be cut in many styles

An undercut is a style that opens on the side. It’s a style that will make you look good easily and is suitable for all hair types. Each person’s style It will vary according to the condition of the hair. Whether it’s perm hair, cut with layers, set smoothly, or set straight up, every style can be done. Depends on the situation will be releas long on one side or leave it long and tie it up in the back for a chic look.

  • How to set : Set the top of your hair with hair gel to make it stand or comb it smooth Official work time.

French Crop style, youthful style

The French Crop style or bowler style is consider funny by many people, but I can say that this style can reduce your life by 5 years. It is also a style that is suitable for all hair types. Anyone can cut it. You can add more features by setting your hair on top or coloring your hair. It will help you not look like a student.

  • How to set : If the hair is plain on top, it will make it look boring. Try setting your hair with hair gel to help adjust the length and add features for a serious look.

Tall hairpiece in front of the bangs

Let’s take a look at a tall hairstyle for guys who don’t like to have very short hair. Use gradient clippers. Take the hair from the top and slice it into layers, grading the length from the front down. Wearing a high style with bangs like this will help make your face look young. Any young man who wants to reduce the age of his face Let me tell you that this style is another popular style as well.

  • How to set: Let the bangs down in a simple way.

Place a tall top on a long top

Let’s have a look at another idea for men’s styles. With a long, high top for men who like a little bit of edginess and coolness, this style will cut the hair into a high top and leave the hair on top longer than usual. When I don’t set my hair, I’ll give it a bit of a looser look. For days when I want the look to look complete or more dignified, You can set your hair.

  • How to set: Set your hair up in a sausage style. Then use the liquid to scrunch it into the hair to give it a scruffy look.