Itchy feet, Revealing the cause, how to take care of it properly.

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In the past, many people have probably encountered the symptom of itchy feet that often occurs in a confusing and annoying way. The cause of this itch can occur. Whether it occurs from insect bites or humidity Of course, most people can’t resist scratching to relieve itching.

But did you know that scratching can cause even more irritation to the skin? The UFABET will compile a list of causes that cause itchy feet. And the correct basic way to take care of yourself is for you to read.

Itchy feet can occur for many reasons:

Insect bites: are another cause of itching. Initially, it may just be itching or a small bump on the skin. But in people who are allergic to insect allergens, there may be swelling and redness. Dermatitis and more itchy than usual

Dry skin: is a common cause of itchy, cracked, peeling, and flaky skin. Dry skin can be cause by taking a hot shower. Showering or soaking in water for too long abnormal thyroid gland Including unhealthy habits can cause dry skin.

Skin allergy: People with this disease may have sensitive and sensitive skin. When the feet come in contact with foreign substances such as chemicals, dirt, or allergens. The body will respond to the substance more violently than normal. Until it can cause irritation and itching on the feet.

Dermatitis: It is a condition that causes dry skin. A red, itchy rash appears. and causing inflammation of the skin People with this condition should avoid contact with irritants.

Hookworm disease: It may be cause by walking barefoot on soil that has parasite eggs mixed in. When hookworms hatch and live inside the skin, they can cause allergic reactions and rashes. Hookworms can also live in the lungs and intestines of humans. This can cause other abnormalities as well.

Athlete’s: foot is cause by a fungal infection of the skin on the feet. Which causes itching Redness, flaking, peeling, and may worsen when socks are remove. The cause may be from contact with wet areas. together with when wearing damp shoes The fungus can grow well and eventually cause this disease.

Scabies: is a microscopic parasite that can lodge itself in the epidermis of the feet, palms, arms and joints, causing itching or small sores. The itching is often worse at night Can be easily transmitt through skin contact.

Itchy feet can be cause by a variety of reasons. Eliminating the cause is the best treatment and symptom relief. But in the case of non-severe causes These methods may help prevent and relieve itchy feet.

  • Always keep your body clean.
  • You should not scratch the itchy area. Because it will make the itching more severe. If you cannot tolerate it, you may use gentle stroking of the itchy area instead.
  • Always apply cream or lotion to treat and prevent dry skin.
  • Avoid spicy food and alcohol. This is because these foods can aggravate itching.
  • Applying a cold compress to the itchy area may help relieve itching.
  • You should not take hot or hot showers regularly. Because it makes the skin dry. and more itching occurs
  • Avoid using skin cosmetics that contain perfume and alcohol.
  • Use antihistamines in cases where the skin has an allergic reaction to chemicals. or insect bites
  • Wear breathable clothing and socks. To reduce the humidity of sweat or dirt.
  • Always wear shoes when going outside. or in dirty areas