Symptoms of an allergic reaction to cream? And what are the treatment methods?

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The problem of “face allergic to cream” is probably a problem that many people have encountered or are currently facing. Most often there will be red rashes, acne allergic to the cream, inflamed acne, small pimples, acne breakouts all over the face. And there may also be itching around the allergic area. Each person’s face is allergic to the cream and will show different symptoms. And some people may use the same type of cream. But some people may be allergic to facial creams. Another person may not be allergic, it can happen. However, face cream allergy is a symptom that depends on each person’s skin condition.

There are many types of abnormal skin symptoms after using the cream. This may be caused by blockage of the skin. Irritation when exposed to chemicals in nourishing creams or an allergic reaction to the cream caused by an abnormal immune response. Understanding the causes of cream allergies and skin symptoms will help us take care of our skin and make it heal faster. and สมัคร ufabet prevent skin symptoms directly.

As mentioned above, the most common cause of facial allergies is cream. It originates from certain substances mixed in facial skin care products or cosmetics used. There are thousands of substances that cause allergic reactions to creams, such as 

Perfume:  There are hundreds of substances in the perfume mixed in the product. This may cause allergic reactions, acne, cream allergies, or skin irritation after use. 

Preservatives:  Although the advantage of preservatives is that they help prolong the life of the product even more. But preservatives can cause skin inflammation. 

Dyes, pigments, or colorants:  People with a history of allergic reaction to food coloring. There is also a chance of being allergic to the colors in skin care products and cosmetics. with reds and yellows being the most common to cause contact dermatitis.

Tea Tree Oil:  is an essential oil that can cause an allergic reaction to creams. For those with easily sensitive skin In addition to tea tree oil, there are other essential oils that can cause an allergic reaction to the cream, such as peppermint, ylang-ylang, clove, and cinnamon essential oils, etc. 

Lanolin:  is a natural ingredient derived from sheep’s wool. It is often found in products that moisturize the skin, such as facial creams and skin lotions. Lanolin can cause an allergic reaction to some users. 

Because there are many types of allergic reactions to creams. Treatment for symptoms may vary. If acne appears from starting to use exfoliating products It may not be necessary to stop using the product you are using. But you should reduce the frequency of use. down and observe symptoms If you have a more severe allergic reaction to the cream, such as a red rash, burning and itching of the skin  , blisters, itchy eyes and nose, you should stop using it immediately. 

In the case of acne caused by clogged pores You should switch to products that are suitable for your skin type. Those with oily skin should apply a skin cream whose main ingredient is water. (Water-Based) that is gentle on the skin. And low risk of clogging (Hypoallergenic) and care for skin that has an allergic reaction to the cream as follows:

  • Wash your face thoroughly in the morning and before bed with a product that is gentle on the skin, free of oils, perfumes, or substances that can clog the skin or cause allergic reactions. 
  • Avoid touching your face frequently, picking, scratching, squeezing pimples. And scrubbing the skin when your skin is allergic to the cream. To prevent further irritation
  • You may apply moisturizer or apply a thin layer of petroleum jelly to the flaky skin area. to increase moisture
  • Take a cool shower and apply a cold compress for 15–30 minutes at a time to the areas of the skin that are itchy and swollen. To help relieve itchy skin
  • Always apply sunscreen before leaving the house. Especially those who use retinol products.