Properties of toothpaste that you should choose

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Herbal toothpaste is very popular choose in the market. Because natural herbs have properties that are good for the mouth and teeth. Things like eliminating bad breath or reducing symptoms of gingivitis. Making herbal toothpaste easily win the hearts of users Nowadays, we see that there are many herbal toothpaste formulas and they have different strengths.

Toothpaste choose is an aid in oral care. clean teeth Eliminate food scraps Stains accumulated from various microorganisms that is attached to the tooth surface It was invented by man to help fight tooth decay. Gum disease and bad breath problems Toothpaste works with the toothbrush to increase its efficiency in scrubbing and removing stains and food particles between the teeth. It also helps resist the growth of microorganisms.

Toothpaste that is widely available in department stores is considered a toothpaste that can be used by everyone. There are 5 main types as follows:

Toothpaste with fluoride. It is a toothpaste that prevents tooth decay problems. Common formulas for fluoride toothpaste usually contain a fluoride concentration of 1,000 parts per million. ยูฟ่าเบท recommend you should brush your teeth with fluoride toothpaste at least 2 times a day and should brush for about 2-3 minutes so that the fluoride substance can come into good contact with the tooth surface and between the teeth. But fluoride should be used with caution in children under 6 years of age. Parents should be supervised by using a small amount of toothpaste and be careful not to swallow it.

Herbal toothpaste. It’s a toothpaste that doesn’t focus much on preventing tooth decay. But it will focus on maintaining gum health. Helps relieve toothache Reduce symptoms of bleeding gums and mouth odor But there are some cautions as it is a natural product. Therefore there may be contaminants. Therefore, choosing to buy herbal toothpaste You should choose a model that has FDA approval and production standards.

Toothpaste helps whiten teeth. It’s a toothpaste that focuses on whitening your teeth. Not dull or have yellow stains. Suitable for people who like to drink tea, coffee or smoke regularly. This type of toothpaste will help remove these stains. There are many formulas of whitening toothpaste, such as those with baking soda. Peroxide mixing formula You should seek advice from your dentist before choosing to use it. The caution with this type of toothpaste is that if we use it too often, it may cause the tooth surface to wear down.

Toothpaste reduces tooth sensitivity. It is a toothpaste that specifically helps reduce tooth sensitivity. It often contains substances that can help reduce tooth sensitivity, such as sodium citrate and potassium nitrate. This type of toothpaste helps create a protective barrier around sensitive teeth. By brushing your teeth every day. twice a day To protect your teeth for a long time.

Toothpaste reduces and controls tartar. It is a toothpaste that has the ability to help reduce the formation of tartar on the teeth. It contains triclosan pyrophosphate (Pyrophosphates), but this type of toothpaste will only help reduce plaque formation in some areas. We still need to see a dentist to scrape off tartar regularly (but maybe not as often as before). The caution with this type of toothpaste is that it may cause tooth sensitivity. or can be allergic to substances in toothpaste

Properties of toothpaste that you should choose

  • Toothpaste should contain fine abrasive powder. It can be in the form of powder or small pellets that do not cause tooth sensitivity when used.
  • Toothpaste should contain fluoride. that helps strengthen teeth and prevent tooth decay
  • Toothpaste should have a pleasant color or scent. Meets the needs of users
  • Toothpaste should not contain sugar.
  • The date, month, and year of toothpaste production should not be longer than 3 years.