Forbidden foods for people with acid reflux!

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Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease or GERD is a type of digestive disease that can occur in people of all ages. It is a condition in which stomach acid flows back into the esophagus, causing a burning sensation in the chest and sour burping. It is a disease that often has chronic symptoms that come and go if the patient continues to have the same lifestyle, especially eating that requires more care than normal people for a good quality of life and not getting sick because of frequent stomachaches.

Oily or high-fat foods: These foods Including food that has been fried, stir-fried, or contains coconut milk, cream, butter, cheese, such as various desserts and bakery items. These foods will take longer to digest than normal. Makes food stay in the stomach for a long time. Therefore causing acid reflux more easily. In addition, high-fat foods It will stimulate the secretion of certain hormones. Makes the esophageal sphincter That acts as a barrier to prevent acid or substances in the stomach from flowing back into the food. is looser Acid reflux occurs more easily. 

Sour food or sour fruit: Even though there is no clear evidence to support it. But it was found that eating food or fruit with such citrus taste It can trigger acid reflux symptoms in some patients. This may be explain by stimulating more acid secretion than normal. Makes acid reflux easier

Chocolate: Although eating chocolate makes us feel good from the substance serotonin, at the same time Chocolate also has the effect of making the lower esophageal sphincter more slack. This causes more acid reflux.

Foods that contain chili peppers or are flavor with capsaicin: Containing in chilies causes food in the stomach to be digest more slowly. Makes more acid secreted This can lead to more symptoms of acid reflux.

Carbonated drinks: Carbonated drinks and carbonated drinks can cause the sphincter that blocks acid from the stomach to become more loose. and stimulate more stomach acid Therefore making it easier to have acid reflux symptoms.

Alcohol: Besides alcohol, it has the effect of making the esophageal sphincter more slack. It also causes more acid to be creat in the stomach. And alcohol also has the effect of directly causing stomach inflammation.

Tea and coffee: Although caffeine in tea and coffee It will have little effect on acid reflux. But in quite a few patients Found that caffeine. In these drinks Can stimulate acid reflux symptoms or makes it more difficult to control the symptoms of the disease

UFABET recommend that patients drink ginger juice regularly. Because ginger is an herb that has a warming effect. Can help expel gas, help digestion, and stimulate intestinal function. Helps reduce bloating. or symptoms of excess acid and gas in the stomach. The important thing is that you shouldn’t eat and then sleep. You should leave at least 3 hours before lying down. And you should sleep on your left side with the head of the bed supported at least 6 inches high. Importantly, you should control your body weight well. Because obese people have high intra-abdominal pressure that puts them at greater risk for acid reflux disease. I guarantee that if you choose to eat and adjust your diet, your acid reflux disease will definitely improve!