Sun-fighting food Helps produce collagen protect it from UV rays.

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Sun protection food ‘This word may not be understood by many people. Because from habit, we often only know the word sunscreen. That’s right, aside from protecting the skin with sunscreen, many types of food can also help build a protective barrier to keep the skin strong from sun damage. 

So why do we have to eat food to protect us from the sun? When you already have sunscreen ? If you are asking this question, Let’s easily think about how hot the sun in is. Just sunscreen SPF 50 PA+++ is probably not enough. Because these sunscreens are effective for a limited time. But having important nutrients that help protect the skin from sunlight It’s like having another layer of fortress to protect your skin when those sunscreens wear off. Moreover, the nutrients you eat have more benefits for your skin than just sun protection. 

Invite you to add sun protection food to make your skin beautiful!

Plants, vegetables, and fruits are rich in anti-oxidants (Antioxidants) that help fight environmental pollution. Efficiently eliminates waste such as Promotion ufabet, oranges, lemons, papaya, strawberries, broccoli, cauliflower, spinach, carrots, kale, etc.

Plants rich in beta-carotene or vitamin A. Helps strengthen skin cells Repair cells damaged by sunlight. It also helps fight skin cancer. Great! Such as pumpkin, carrot, watermelon, cantaloupe, ripe tomato, guava, spinach, etc.

Serenium helps protect the skin from sun damage. Abundant in unbleached grains such as red meat, shrimp, crab, brown rice, eggs, mushrooms.

Vitamin C helps produce collagen. and protects skin cells from damage Found a lot of skin food from guava, orange, pineapple and gooseberry.

Vitamin E and Zinc help protect the outer layer of the skin from UV rays. Such as rice bran oil, peanut oil, sesame, brown rice. Zinc is found in crab, oysters, chicken breast, and rice germ.

Essential fats from the Omega-3 family (Essential Fatty Acid: Omega-3) strengthen the outer layer of the skin. Therefore, it can retain moisture in the skin well. Helps the skin not dry and tight. Prevents inflammation. Found mostly in mackerel, general marine fish, algae, soybean oil.

Foods containing lycopene Lycopene can be eaten from yellow, orange, and red vegetables and fruits such as tomatoes, papaya, red bell peppers, and grapefruit. Lycopene has high antioxidant activity. It is a good barrier to prevent sunlight from damaging skin cells. Causes of premature aging and dark circles

Eating foods that have sun protection properties It is not only useful in protecting the skin from UV , but also has a beneficial effect on slowing down aging. Helps keep the skin and body healthy at the same time. It also reduces the risk of various diseases such as coronary heart disease, Alzheimer’s, macular degeneration, and cancer. This shows that choosing to eat good food is also good for overall health.